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I don’t think many people today believe that we are still in a bad market.  I also think most people think times are good and getting better.  When it comes to investing, I think it’s tough, in these times, to be a beginner or someone who started looking at real estate after the last downturn.  Those of us who have been around a long time understand that most industries have cycles and they keep repeating themselves on a regular basis.  The advantage in real estate is that it NEVER goes out of business.  Even though it does go through those cycles, everyone needs a


Avon 39 - The Walk to End Breast Cancer

Once again, I was honored to be a part of the Avon Walk To End Breast Cancer in Santa Barbara.  Since this walk started in 1992 the event has raised over $600,000,000 for the cause.  The funds are funneled by the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade to local and national organizations that help women and men, regardless of their ability to pay for treatment, get the breast cancer health care they need. These programs provide funds for accelerated breast cancer research and improve access to screening, diagnosis, treatment, and education.

In Economic News...

The LA Times had a lot of good economic news in the Saturday 8/5 paper.  The US jobless rate drop to 4.3% in July from 4.9% in July of 2016.  We added 209,000 net new jobs during that period.  In addition, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.3%  in July which is a 16 year low!  They also pointed out that the average hourly wage is up 2.5%