Books & Guides

In our careers in investment real estate and as individual real estate investors, the most frequently asked question has been “Are there any good, but simple, books which explain the basic principles of real estate investment?”

There are many books on real estate appraisal, real estate taxation, and other specific areas of real estate. These, however, do not seem to meet the needs of the typical real estate investor or the investor who does so as a secondary source of income.

Below are a collection of guides that we have written in order to fill in those gaps.

Investment Principles

Real Estate Investment Principles: An Introduction

Our basic investment guide designed to help you understand the dynamics of investing and our scientific method of profiting over the long term. Learn about the 4 elements of return, how they function, how to interpret them, and how they work together to form your overall return.


Planning Guide

Real Estate Investment Planning: An Introduction

Feeling comfortable with the information laid out in our first book and ready to dive deep into the dynamics of planning? If so this one is for you. Below is part 2 to our “Basic Guide”


Sample Inv Pla

A Complete Real Estate Plan Example

One of the most important steps in accomplishing any goal in life is the definition of the goal itself. The most successful investors that we have observed through the years had very well defined goal(s). This sample investment plan demonstrates an example of a General Plan & Detailed Plan, as outlined as part of the “Composition of an Investment Plan” section of our Planning Guide.


Property Management

Residential Property Management Guide

In all our years in the real estate business we have found that the one issue that keeps most people from getting started investing in income generating property is the concerns about property management. We have written this guide to help you decide what approach to management best fits your needs.