Kevin Hoban



PHONE NUMBER: (562) 708-0393

Kevin works best when he understands his customers personal and financial goals and their long term vision for their investment portfolio. He believes that education is the key to getting started in income property investing or entering into a different market. At Buckingham Investments, Kevin applies his expertise and market knowledge to purchase of multifamily properties of 2-20 units. The properties must consistently meet and exceed the investment goals of his clients.

His corporate and entrepreneurial experience in marketing, operations and business development helps him create and implement investment plans that utilize leveraged appreciation, provide profit, and create stability for his clients.

He moved to the income property side of the real estate business due to his understanding and appreciation of real estate investing in his own portfolio, and finds reward in helping others meet their financial goals. Kevin enjoys watching people build their future, “It’s not magic,” he says “It’s actually quite simple. You just have to make a plan and get it done. We have tracked numbers in Southern California for years and there has been an average appreciation of 7% over the last 40 years, including all the down turns. You have to get into the market, cover yourself properly, and with that in place there is no end to where you can go.”

Kevin enjoys biking the open road, reading nonfiction, visiting with his vast extended family, and managing 1031’s.

A licensed broker for 30 years, Kevin is the managing broker for Buckingham Investment’s Long beach office.