Marquise L Davis



PHONE NUMBER: (310) 692-9989

Marquise L Davis firmly believes in helping clients develop and execute on investment plans. He subscribes to the notion that if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. Marquise has a background in finance, education, and property management, and uses the skills acquired in those areas to help his clients create detailed plans and make the most informed decisions.

When working with new or first-time investors, Marquise takes the time to get to know his clients and understand their goals. He also takes great pride in evaluating the current situation of each client to help them use the resources they have now to get them where they’d like to be in the future. Once a teacher, always a teacher.

For clients who already own investment property, Marquise leverages his property management experience to analyze the performance and efficiency of those properties to ensure they are offering the maximum return on investment and determine if and when it’s time to trade into a new, higher-yielding asset.

Marquise earned his degrees from Penn State University and Loyola Marymount University. He currently lives in Redondo Beach with his wife and he works out of Buckingham’s Torrance office. He’s also an avid golfer, and loves talking real estate out on the golf course.