Marty Stone



Marty is a founder and one of the owners of Buckingham Investments. It is his guidance and mentorship that has given Buckingham Investments it unique position as a longterm real property investment partner for our clients. Just like all of Buckingham’s agents, Marty is an investor, using the same tools and planning we provide our clients to generate wealth.

Marty has been a successful real estate broker and investor for over 40 years. A graduate of USC with a degree in finance, he has also co-authored two highly successful books on real estate investing, Secure Your Financial Future Investing in Real Estate, and The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing.

Marty’s Real Property Investment Successes

Marty has built more than 50 multifamily apartment buildings, commercial properties, and single-family homes throughout his career. He has also managed more than 1,000 units and written and lectured extensively about all areas related to real property.

Marty’s Perspective on Investment Planning

It is important to have a good understanding of financial and personal goals so that these can be taken into account when building a successful and realistic real property investment plan. Goal setting should be done along with an educational program to give you a good understanding of all the basic principles of investing in income property.

The key to real property investing is to get the basic education you need before you begin. This also means you will need to have some concrete goals for your future. Take the time to figure out what you would like your financial future to look like before you invest your money. This will give you a better idea of what your financial target might be.

Real property investment is about taking control of your financial future.