“I bought my first property with Buckingham Investments and have worked with them since 2002.  Buckingham Investments gave me the tools to have the freedom to quit my day job, and in the meantime, allows me to live the lifestyle of my boss’ boss. When I was 22, I started buying property in 2002 with Buckingham Investments.  I spent a year with two Single Family Agents looking for apartment buildings, and I didn’t get anywhere because they didn’t understand how apartments worked.  In my first meeting, Buckingham broke it down for me and was able to find a 4 unit that worked within my budget. Over the last 12 years, I am amassed a portfolio of dozens of buildings that have over 150 units that I own on my own and with other partners.  I left my full-time corporate job when I was 30 and would have remained retired if I didn’t lured back by an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Even though I have stressful position in one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, I can say that real estate gives me the freedom to quit if I were unsatisfied, and it allows me to live the lifestyle of my boss’ boss. I would not be at this point in life at the age of 34 had I not started buying apartment buildings when I was young, and Buckingham Investments was the mentor that I needed to help me overcome the good, the awkward, and the humor that comes with owning real estate.  They gave me a plan where I turned $25,000 into a few million within a decade.”

Ryan M.